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A Fateful Magic

463 pages7 hours


In deep midsummer, in a world far gone from all memory, two identical sisters were born and set in motion a series of events that would change the course of their lives, and the fate of a kingdom, forever. Aidan, a spirited young woman who wants nothing more than a cause worth fighting for, grows up in the forest as the daughter of a mage. Evina, the twin separated from her at birth, is taken in by the beautiful fairy queen of Avalon and becomes every bit the princess her kingdom expects.

When Aidan discovers the truth, she embarks on a journey to find her long-forgotten sibling, with the help of a few unexpected friends. Encountering danger and magic beyond their wildest imaginations, the travelers must unite to reach Avalon and face the past. But dark forces are gathering that threaten to engulf them all in a decades-long feud, and before journey’s end, their tale will take an ominous turn. When the time comes, will Aidan and Evina find the strength within themselves to protect the people they have come to love?

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