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This is a story of a 14 year old boy who lives in Arkansas in the late 1960's and how his abusive father mistakenly turns him into a young lady with the wrong drugs. He is forced into a high school contest to see what living as the opposite sex is like. He runs to avoid his father and winds up in Vietnam during the war there and is pressed into the Army of the Rebublic of Vietnam where he becomes a fierce soldier and is captured and tortured at one point. He meets his two best friends and forms a small company to make extra money while not fighting. The company grows as does he into the person he wants to be thanks to his friends. After his time in service is up he moves with his friends to Japan to continue the company and returns to high school. He is now living as a female because of the drugs he was given and tries to leave the past behind but it catches up with him and must be dealt with. This is a story of living your life as you want not as others want you to and how this person makes decisions to improve his life and live it to the fullest through hard work and dedication.

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