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Psychological Therapy in a Pharmacological World

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A brief summary from the author:

Psychological Therapy in a Pharmacological World has been written to encourage an alternative look at current-day approaches to psychiatric therapy, and to share with my colleagues insights I have gained over 40 years of practice.
- Understanding the psychological world from a different vantage point.
- Show how accurate speech helps to understand and resolve many psychiatric problems.
- Show how and why immediate relief from psychological pain is possible.
- See how your thinking actually creates your psychological pain.
- Why some depressions are better off not being treated as depression.
- Teach your patients how to get rid of anger forever.
- Understand the childhood belief system which generates adult psychopathology.
- Learn how a better definition of responsibility can help solve problems in therapy.
- New ways to look at guilt and shame.
- Learn to use psychological language to treat psychological problems.
- Learn how education could extinguish many psychiatric problems.

Who should read this book?
- anyone who does therapy,
- any therapist looking for a quicker way to help people,
- any physician who wants a quick intervention to help psychiatric, or non-psychiatric, patients with life issues,
- anyone wanting a simple model to understand people’s behavior,
- anyone interested in the way a therapy approach was born.

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