20 Herbs for Health and Cooking

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20 Herbs for Health and Cooking

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20 Herbs for health and cooking gives vital information about herbs that you can use in your cooking that are really healthy for you. Each herb has a full color image showing exactly how it should look and details of its health benefits. Information is also given about how you can use the herbs to enhance your cooking. Using these herbs will make your food taste delicious as well as healthy.

Herbs include many different natural chemicals which can have valuable health enhancing properties. These herbs have been used for thousands of years to both to flavor our food and to cure illnesses. Recently scientists have shown renewed interest in these herbs and have discovered that many of the claims made about them in the past have some validity. It is also no surprise that scientists continue to use plant based substances as the basis for developing many of the drugs that we use to combat illnesses in people. As a result you can think of these herbs as having medicinal uses.

The herbs can be simply added to the food that you prepare whether it is cooked or in salad form. You can also make tasty teas from a number of the herbs in the book. Herbs may have pain killing, anti inflammatory properties or even just help with flatulence. Get the book now and find out which herbs you should be using and how they help to keep you healthy.

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