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Revenge is Sweet, But Love is Amazing

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It was just and innocent first kiss of love between Jason and Laura, but, by the time Arnulfo's lies distorted the event, Jason had been stabbed and left for dead, Laura was brutally tortured, and Arnulfo had seized control of the Barony of St. Valery. Jason was found and nursed back to health on the Sea Dog merchant ship. Believing the lying words of Arnulfo, Jason blames Laura for his betrayal. His heart is filled with deep anger and desire for revenge against Laura and Arnulfo.
After kidnapping Laura, Jason plans sweet revenge. When Laura's innocence is revealed, Jason learns revenge may be sweet, but love is more amazing. Together, Jason and Laura set off on an adventure to rescue Jason's father who had been captured during the Great Crusade and was being held for ransom by Sultan Ayab. Once at Ayab's palace, Laura is forced to make a terrible choice that will change all of their lives and futures.

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