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The Wolves of Third Clan

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The Heavens are real and have been warring with Hell since the beginning. Using Earth as a labratory they've bred the ultimate warriors; advanced species with near perfect genetic make-up which Humans call Warewolves and Vampires. Johnny Johnson is a Cloak; a unique individual who possesses the ability to remain hidden from his own kind. His blood adapts to camouflage his scent of any who blood-bond with him share his gift but there is a catch; he's forbidden to exist. The LeTorque are a family in Third Clan who've been manuevering to fulfill their destiny and rule. When one of their Wolves is killed in a sales pitch Johnny was involved with they capture and identify his true nature. As they prepare for war Johnny learns the truth of mankind's existance, the untarnished version of Nature's fury and something else, something more dangerous; the coming invasion of the Hellion Hoard..

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