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You are Me, I am You

You are Me, I am You

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You are Me, I am You

88 pages
2 hours
Jul 2, 2013


This book focuses on one of the most popular subjects in the universe – LOVE.
More specifically, it’s about soul mates and twin souls. The majority of us want to find our twin soul, that special soul mate, or kindred spirit with whom to share our life’s journey.

People who haven’t shown an interest in spiritual matters may well be interested in finding their one true love. The story encompasses spiritual connections and the joint souls’ mission.

If you are still searching for your soul mate or twin soul, or perhaps questioning why your relationship has lost some of it’s glitter, then your answers may be right here.

Jul 2, 2013

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You are Me, I am You - C. A. Mason



By C A Mason

© Copyright C. A. Mason

Australia, 2013.

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9875434-2-4

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I give my special love and gratitude to my son for all his efforts in designing the cover and bringing the book to life. His unerring intuition knew exactly how I wanted the cover. Also, I thank him for his support and encouragement throughout, as well as for being my sounding board when I was self-judgmental of my writing.

My sincere thanks go to my soul sister, Kim, in being there for me with her positive spirit and words of wisdom. She spurred me on when I was stuck towards the end of this book and her gentle persuasion to get it finished was greatly appreciated.

I wish to thank my other soul sisters for sharing their stories with me, thereby contributing to my knowledge of true soul mates and twin souls.

Special thanks go to my editor, Elaine Ouston, for her professional expertise and time in working with me on this book. She always provided me with prompt advice and assistance.

I would also like to acknowledge Jo and Richard who are jointly and selflessly doing their service for the planet and animals. They touched my life in many ways and I greatly admire their wonderful work in rehoming ex-racing greyhounds.

Many thanks to Elaine and Gondor Writers’ Centre for giving me this fabulous opportunity to publish.


The Background

How We Met

The Romance

Time Apart

Working Towards Reunion

The Phone Call

The Aftermath

Getting To Know Each Other

The Outcome


This is a book dedicated to all the twin souls and twin flames who are destined to form a reunion in the twenty first century. The love between twin souls/twin flames is true love in the purest sense of the meaning.

This is an account from a personal perspective. Many stories relating to the unions of twin souls have been written by people who haven’t necessarily experienced this first hand.

There seems to be a lot of varying opinions about the differences between pairings of what we call twin souls, twin flames, and indeed twin rays. Giving names to relationships really pulls apart the genuine love source. Relationships are pretty much what you perceive them to be. However, this true story is written to assist those souls who may need guidance – those who are approaching joining with their twin soul and experiencing difficulties. Or perhaps there are twin souls out there who are in a solid relationship but wondering why there are often unexpected rough patches in their lives.

In this book, I am going to question some of the theories that have been documented about twin souls. The sources that form these theories don’t usually mention whether they have personal experiences of such incarnations or they have received messages through Spirit. It isn’t my intention to blow apart these theories, but I may break them down, because some of them are fairly generalised. Therefore, I feel it’s appropriate to offer more detailed information on this subject from personal experience.

I haven’t found much documented material on twin ray unions, but I do believe they exist. There are indications and reports that twin rays never separate, but there is much work to be done in preparation for a twin ray pairing. In a lot of ways, you may have to experience a twin ray pairing to recognise it. This is the ultimate type of relationship on the spiritual and physical levels.

Let me fill you in on some of my background history, and then I can share my journey of how my twin soul and I overcame difficulties when we met.


The Background

In the early part of 2001, I met my other half whom I believe to be my twin ray. Let me take you on our journey. I will show you how universal karmic forces can conspire to assist in helping these twin souls reconnect.

Then I met my present husband, I was only three months out of a horrendous finish to my second marriage. The ex-husband and I had run two businesses together for many years. In early 2000, he met somebody else, who, unfortunately, lived not far from the site of our companies. After a short while, I learned that this woman was paraded in front of our employees and work colleagues most days after I had left work.

I had our son, Jeremy, when I was 41. He was a planned baby. I previously suffered a miscarriage when I was 40, so my biological clock was running out. We were both thrilled to have a son.

I had a daughter during my first marriage. We lost her when I was 27. She was a victim of medical misadventure from an instrument birth that went horribly wrong and she consequently suffered from cerebral palsy. Tragically, she passed away not long after turning five years of age. She is still sadly missed.

During my second marriage, we lived in a townhouse that my mother left to me when she died in 1990. The only reason I didn’t leave the marriage when I found out about the affair was because the house was mortgaged for the business, and I believed I would have been left solely with the debt.

My father had passed away in May 2000 and, after a number of awful events that year, our marital situation finally came to the crunch towards the end of October. Our son, who was five years old at the time, had started school in late August. I would deliver him to and pick him up from school every day. On the day our marriage ended, my ex-husband was out doing a job, which involved servicing a commercial scrubbing machine. He told me to contact him when I was driving home. When I did ring him, he said that he had picked up Jeremy from school, and that I was to go home and wait for someone to call me to explain everything. It all sounded ominous and threatening.

Obviously, I smelled a rat. When I returned home, I was utterly shocked to find half the contents of the house had been removed. When I rang him, he calmly said that someone would come to the door to explain. Just at that moment, there was a knock at the door and, as expected, the person standing there was a legal clerk to deliver separation and custody papers. I immediately rang a solicitor I had been in contact with some time before, when things were sticky. He put me in touch with a barrister to assist me to get my son returned to his rightful home.

His father had not only removed Jeremy

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