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Collected Historical Stories

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This collection of imaginative short stories is a worldly voyage to distant pasts, and rich and magical cultures, which together form an impressive historic mosaic. Through the pages of these fictional stories we cross the subtle boundary into reality, transporting the reader to past worlds long lost in time. Whether in the pages of The Mammoth Hunters, an adventure of survival in the ice age of 30,000 years ago; the solving of A First Murder in the Ancient Egypt of Ramesses II; the story of The Odin Land Saga in the more recent past of the New World; narrating the epic which is The Fall of the Roman Empire; or discovering pirate plunder and stolen gold in The Golden Man, the reader is magically transported to long-lost cultures, becoming witness to endless chronicles and breath-taking events. The fourteen exciting short stories and novellas offer the chance to grab a little knowledge of history as well as enjoying the adventure of the past. Fascinating, intriguing and not to be missed!

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