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1984 Erotica

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It is 1984,when life was carefree and fun and the best club in town was the Orwellian sounding Sex is Love. Two of these short stories feature Max and his antics with the ladies, the final story shows a totally different part of life, and yet the basic sexual needs still provide the same end result.
A look back in time when the music was better in one of the most carefree eras in human history.
If you weren't out and about in 1984 having a f**king great time, read the adventures of those who did.

Below are some reviews of his works...
"This was well crafted to highlight the trials of boys growing up with raging hormones!
The look into what might happen behind closed doors growing up male."
When i started Camming i tried to research as much as i could. when i saw this available digitally i got it, read it in about a hour. Great perspective from the audience point of view.
This great little collection contains two stories, not just one, excellent value! Both stories are about women who have husbands and their cuckold fantasies, and the very hot fulfillment of those fantasies in action. Two very hot stories that get right to the action. I really enjoyed reading these from the perspective of the two women, very satisfying.
Thank you soooo much for the very best laugh of my life! I will definitely be purchasing more of Mister Average's books!

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