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The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori

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Miss Asalah Al Faghori is the Oxford University genetic research student from Tower Hamlets via Qena on the eastern shore of the River Nile who creates, inspires and manages the Custodian Liberation group in the novel Custodian (free planet #1).

In this 'companion' publication, The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori, we see this feisty female character's tumultuous state of mind, her growing self-militarisation and inherent alienation over a three year period while studying for her dPhil in 'the commercial applications of genetic engineering' here at Oxford University. This digital diary allows us to witness her increasingly warped logical and frighteningly academic solution to the prison-world insanity of what she sees as the Corporate War Machine's ruination of her once-beautiful home world.

We see how she comes to understand that only a 'rewilded' world, a 'de-consumerised' world, a 'jail broken' world can save mankind, as a supposed-Custodian race.

The owl-based cover refers back to the Messianic flavour of my 2008 novel Planet of the Owls but also alludes to the Moloch-worshipping i.e. Bohemian Grove's Skull & Bones, ritual symbology that will only really make its presence felt in Liberator (free planet #2) when it's all too late for our young heroine to attempt to rectify.

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