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A Quick Guide to "Nights at the Circus"

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The story of the novel revolves around the life and exploits of Sophie Fevvers. She would have people believe that she was a Cockney virgin, or perhaps so she was. She was said to be been hatched from an egg laid by unknown parents and ready to develop fully fledged wings.

As the story progresses, Sophie becomes a celebrated aerialiste. She successfully captivates the young journalist Jack Walser.

Jack runs way with the circus but he falls into a world for which he is not prepared, for his journalistic exploits have not prepared him to encounter the situation.

The novel incorporates various categories of fiction, and they include postmodernism, magical realism, or post-feminism.

A Quick Guide to "Nights at the Circus"
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Characters
Chapter Three: Thematic Analysis
Chapter Four: Plot, Form, and Viewpoint
Chapter Five: Summary of the Novel
Chapter Six: Setting
Chapter Seven: References and Allusions

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