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I was a revolutionary, a rebel, a freedom fighter and, if you can believe it or not, my identical twin brother Thomas, my 'Didymus', and I were born of a Virgin.
This happened over two thousand years ago and believe me it is nothing like you have heard or read.
We had an unusual combination of bloodlines, my Didymus and I, me being the oldest by a few minutes was the heir and Thomas was the 'spare'.
On my fathers’ side I was the first male David, we were the most senior and directly descended from King David and we were Levi's, inheritors of the priestly lineage.
On my mothers side we were Kohen the only other priestly line, descended from Aaron brother of Moses and David and Levi through our grandmother and grandfather Hannah and Joachim two intersecting Davidic bloodlines and two separate priestly bloodlines.

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