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Aphrodite Encumbered -Book III: Firestorm

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Zen continues refurbishing his and Bea's home for the last 20 years and attempts to fetch a good price for selling it.The crew of African workers are enthusiastic, but lack skills. Bea's expectations moving into a warm climate keeps her spirits up and she helps Zen albeit her handicap of nervous attacks. Hana supports Zen with her compassion, her undying positive attitude and soaring spirit.
Zen's professional work with supervising various building alterations for clients have always been successful, yet on one of the latest jobs he has to seeks an attorney's council in order to sue for unpaid fees.Hana meets Zen regularly online and as soon as her Internet connection fails, she displays jealousy. As Zen entertains his friends, women from all ages and in different countries, Hana turns possessive of him.Hana meets Zen and Bea at their hotel in Athens and invites them for her birthday party. Zen meets Hana in secret and they embrace in love lusting for each other, using every opportunity to make love, wherever they can steal time off their official lives. Everybody has a wonderful time and their spouses seem to get on together well.

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