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Seducing My Professor: Antics of the Virgin Sluts

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The Race is On! Will Kelli or Ally seduce Mr. Stephens first?
They both want him. The first one to seduce him will win. The loser has to perform oral sex on the winner.

Excerpt (edited):

“First one is the winner.” Ally said.
“How does the other one know for sure the winner actually did it?"
"If he comes inside, that is all that is needed.”
“Are you crazy!” Kelli said. “We could get pregnant.”
“Everyone knows you don’t get pregnant the first time.” Ally snorted. “That’s the bet. Take it or leave it.”
“What is the reward?” Kelli asked, “Because I will win.”
“In your dreams.” Ally said, thinking furiously. The prize had to be something humiliating. “The loser has to eat the cum out of the winners pussy.”
“What? Are you out of your mind? Are you a lezbo?”
“No.” Ally said. “Are you in or out?”
“In. I think I will enjoy having your lick my pussy.” Kelli said.
“Just start practicing your tongue exercises.” Ally said.
“What if we get pregnant?”
“I told you,” Ally snorted. “You never get pregnant the first time.”

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