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The Practice Slave

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Kristin was tall, blonde and beautiful, with a perfect body. Sean was pretty hot too. He was also boring, which was why they'd split up, despite him being a rich boy. They were still friends, though, but not friends with benefits, especially since he had a new girlfriend. So she was more than slightly surprised when he called her up and asked her for a very big favor. His new girlfriend was into bondage and submission in a big way, and he needed someone to practice on so she wouldn't realize what a wimp he was. The idea of Sean dominating anyone was worth a lot of laughter, even if they were tied up at the time. But then again, he was hot, and rich, and willing to pay her. She was a drama student, after all. She could pretend not to snigger as he gave her orders. She wasn't prepared though, for how turned on she got when he did it, especially after she let him tie her up. She hadn't planned for there to be any nudity, but somehow, it happened, and then the sex, hot, steamy and wild! But just as she was discovering the dark thrills of being tied up and dominated, his girlfriend found out. And so Kristin would be punished and disciplined, as well as dominated. And then trained, as she falls down the rabbit hole of sexual submission and feverish hunger into a place she'd never been and may never escape from.

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