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No Chance

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Olive has just been released from a secure mental hospital. Middle aged and benign in appearance, she has a very dark background. She befriends a troubled girl, Chloe, as social services start to suspect abuse by the girl’s father. Suave neighbour Richard Trent helps to reinforce this possibility and evades attention himself; meanwhile a paedophile ring flourishes.
Olive’s street wisdom helps her see through Trent’s well-constructed façade. She wants to get involved but her paranoia makes it difficult. Her unlikely ally, a naïve solicitor helps more than he can know.
Alison Courtfield is a burnt-out senior social worker chosen to head an inquiry into the disastrous outcome of the inept handling of Chloe’s case. Set up to fail, her unlikely but tenacious team uncovers more than expected.
No Chance interweaves the two story lines through death and disaster as each flawed protagonist seeks a result that will redeem them.

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