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A Spiritual Way to Weight Loss: A daily planner for step-by-step spiritual plan to losing weight for good

146 pages1 hour


You may have tried many diets and pills without any long term positive results.
Before you can lose weight and maintain your healthy weight for a long time, you need to change the way you think and feel about yourself.
This book is based on a long term research focused primarily on spiritual laws governing success and weight loss.
The purpose of this book is to guide you step-by-step to a booming self esteem and a more natural way to get into a healthy slimmer you.
Using this daily planner, you won't be able to miss a step and will develop more self-love, self-esteem and feel much better about your life.
You will also achieve long lasting weight loss results.

"I used to weight a lot more than I do today. Had a very bad opinion of myself and felt tired. I could not control my hunger. Even though I knew I was eating too much, I didn’t feel I could change on my own. I followed Slavica’s coaching on weight loss, and loved it. There was no diet but strangely, very soon after I started, I felt better and better about myself. Pounds dropped almost by themselves. It was amazing. My friends started noticing that I was much more joyful and enthusiastic about my life. I am so grateful for what I received. The gift of loving my self and my body! Thanks Slavica!" – Steven

"I got rid of 20 pounds after the first month. I feel amazing! I am full of energy and feel good about myself and my life!" – Sandy

I got rid of 10 pounds after the second week thanks to Slavica's coaching on weight loss. But it is more than just loosing the extra pounds! I feel amazing! I am full of energy and feel good about myself and my life! I didn't even feel like I was on a diet or anything like that. I am going her program for good. I love it. It is easy! Thank you! – Stefany

"I had my doubts, I gotta say. I didn't think it would work. I tried so many diets before and failed. I say, alright, let's see about this program. I LOVED IT!! I felt so easy and the daily simple to-dos helped keep on track and not forget what I was supposed to do. So easy. I felt the energy carry me through this! I got rid of the extra weight AND am exited about my life! THANKS!" – Josey

“I got rid of 2 inches off my waist easily within the first 3 weeks. I couldn't believe it. I loved her system and am sticking to it!” – Christopher

“I found this to be so motivating! I lost the weight faster than I thought! A great easy way to loose weight being coached throughout the process!” – Alex

“A coaching program that I was able to carry with me always. I felt like Slavica was with me through this. I feel great now that I lost 20 pounds. Never felt as good in a very long time.” – Mark

“I was always tired and anxious. I felt like I could never get rid of my weight. After couple of weeks, I started seeing results showing. Wow, I feel so much better now.” – Alex M.

“Doesn't feel like you need to diet. I just simply followed her daily routine and didn't even have to think of what to do next. All was planned for me. All I did was thin out and I love it!” – Patricia

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