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Return to Rule (Book 3 of the Rule Series)

338 pages5 hours


The epic story continues in the land of Thuilkin, as Selwyn encounters the last king to rule Zarail. With Selwyn’s help, Fondren, the former king, hopes to end the curse that keeps him from touching the physical world and still looms over the land. Together with Rowena and Ril’Dar they trek from the castle in the southern part of the kingdom to the border towers in the north to retrieve a mythical statue.
With the future of Zarail at stake can Selwyn really trust his ancestor to do the right thing? Or will Fondren turn on him to get back the throne he lost and the powerful sword, Gytha Cynric, which goes along with it?
Join Edred and his friends as they travel to the dwarven kingom in search of master masons to restore the castle of Zarail.
Ride the high seas on the deck of Sea Talon with Arden and his family as they escort King Edwin and Queen Radella to Monbel in search of Radella’s family.

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