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Rebirth of Rule (Book 4 of the Rule Series)

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While Selwyn searches for answers to Zarail’s past, the Barbarians try to forge a life in a strange land. Waiting on the dwarves, Selwyn learns of a sleeping army that can only be awakened by their king, if he can find them. At the same time, on the other side of the mountains, Perhold searches for his family, with the help from his friends. They may be in for more than they bargained when they find an isolated valley with unfriendly natives. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of Thuilkin, Arden and his family search the county side of Monbel for Radella’s siblings. They soon discover not everyone is happy about the new queen and who helped her rise to power. In the barren land that was once the Barbarian kingdom, Culfang; along with Ashar and a druid named Leo, look for a way to restore the land. When the dwarves arrive to repair Zarail castle, they make an unexpected discovery in the stone quarry. That discovery brings to light a foreboding foe who traveled with them from their homeland.
Will Selwyn find and wake the sleeping army and rid the kingdom of its monsters, once and for all? Will Perhold find his family, or will he, and his friends, perish in the mountains? Will Arden, Valeris and Jabin find the royal siblings or will fate change their lives forever? Will Culfang and his companions bring life back to the wasted kingdom and restore the Barbarians to their home?

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