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Life of Heidi

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Heidi is a Canadian-born Border Collie cross who has a rough start to life. Her first owners neglected and beat her before giving her back for adoption again. She then found a welcoming family of Kiwis who loved and looked after her.
She went for runs in the woods, summer and winter, and learned the hard way to avoid skunks and porcupines. She also got to chase rabbits and deer. A good Canadian dog, she especially loved the snow and would play and bury herself in it for hours.
Soon she moved to New Zealand, discovered the sea and spent more time chasing rabbits. Then it was on to Chile where she had to learn another language while she learned to cope with earthquakes and spiders. She also got to spend a lot of time at high altitude in the Andes.
Now she has earned a sleepy retirement back in New Zealand where she is more inclined to chase rabbits in her sleep than in reality. It has also given her ample time to dictate her memoir.

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