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The Teenage Sluts Next Door

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Excerpt: The two girls stepped out the door and walked over to the gate that led to Ken’s garden. “Hey Ken,” said Alexis. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” he answered. “What are you two girls up to?”

“Oh, mum asked me to water our lawn,” continued Alexis. “Can I borrow your hose when you are finished?”

“Sure,” replied Ken. “Come on through, I’m nearly done.”

The two girls walked through and could see Ken’s eyes following them. Alexis walked up to her neighbor.

“Jeez,” said Karen. “It’s still early, but it feels so hot already.”

“You should cool off,” laughed Alexis and grabbing Ken’s hands, forced the hose across and directed the water towards her friend. Karen squealed as the water hit her for a few seconds, long enough to soak her through.

Ken pulled the hose away from her. He looked as if he was about to protest, but then his eyes opened wide as he looked at Karen. The white t-shirt had gone completely transparent and he could clearly see the pink bra through it. Ken could immediately feel himself start to get hard. He watched as Karen stripped off the top and skirt and wrung them out. His eyes dropped to the pink panties and his cock got harder still.

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