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The Dirty Twins at the Campsite

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Excerpt: “C’mon Elliot,” shouted Faith. “The water’s lovely.” He looked around and saw a huge rock. Quickly moving behind it, he stripped down and put on his swimming trunks. He walked back, dropped his clothes and ran to the edge of the water. At first he just stood and watched. The twins were swimming around and Elliot finally waded in to join them. As soon as his waist was below the water the girls moved in his direction. He was almost up to his chest when the girls reached him. He looked at them and couldn’t tell them apart. He was about to ask which was which when one of the twins ducked under the water and he could feel his trunks being pulled down. Jeez, he thought as his trunks were pulled clear of his cock. He moved his hand to pull them up, but the other twin grabbed his hand and stopped him. The two girls crowded close to him and suddenly Elliot could feel their hands grabbing ....................

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