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Gabe and Heath had been friends for a couple of years. They chatted on the phone and had formed a strong bond and a meaningful relationship. Even though they hadn’t met each other they could discuss anything. Gabe kept on pushing to meet with Heath. After so many years they had still not met for their first cup of coffee. The holidays came and Gabe had a freak accident which led him to being taken to the hospital. It wasn’t anything too serious. The doctor was so attentive and helpful and sorted out the problem. Only Gabe hadn’t realized who Doctor Winters really was. Oh he had noticed everything about her. She had a gorgeous little figure. The way her hands felt on his skin. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. As Gabe was leaving to go home an ambulance almost flew in to the casualties entrance. They called for Doctor Winters by name. She was gone in a flash. Gabe could not believe his luck. He had eventually met his Heath.

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