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The Crystal Garden

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The Crystal Garden
John Cadden

So, there you are – a middling, middle-class, middle-aged biographer – bored with your own life and – doubly worrying given your profession – the lives of others. Only suddenly – you are not there. You’re somewhere else – accidentally caught in a sinister spiral of intrigue that involves an English aristocrat, a Spanish ‘businessman’, a retired detective, a dead crime-lord......and a dark and dangerous secret from the past.
Except it’s no accident – for that secret involves you in a shocking way.
And now your life is a lot less boring.
The Crystal Garden is the story of an ordinary man trapped in a maelstrom of extraordinary events; a reserved, rational man suddenly free-falling in a world where nothing is as it appears; an unremarkable man who must now find remarkable qualities to survive.
This noir, violent, pacey narrative is powerfully driven by writing that is taut, sharp and liberally seasoned with wholly unexpected twists and dark humour.
If you wish to discover the truth – be seriously careful what you wish for.......

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