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Avenging Angels

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Humanity, tired of destructive wars and decimating plagues, created the archangels to guide and advise them as they tried to bring world peace, and world government.

However, they reckoned without the greed of national governments, who saw in the archangels the opportunity to advance themselves at the expense of other nations. And none foresaw that the archangels would have minds of their own. The archangels studied human history, and saw that victory went to the strong, and living space to the merciless. And none realized there were hidden others, who had manipulated humanity for millennia, guiding them in warfare and destruction, who were now seeking to manipulate the archangels.

Devastating wars raged as nations strove to become empires, and be major players in the planned world government. Some of the archangels encouraged terror, massacres, and ethnic cleansing. The hidden others plotted a 'final solution' for humanity. Who now has the will, and the power, to put a stop to this?

There is a small band of people who have the will. Perhaps they have the power. They must fight against incredible odds, all seeing surveillance, genetically bred super soldiers, the archangels, and the others, the Machiavellian watchers on the threshold, who are working to implement their final solution for humanity.

This is their story.

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