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The Clark's Tale

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The Clark’s Tale
John Cadden

A troubled academic, a confused psychologist, a militant activist, a Vivien Westwood-obsessed hitman, a shadowy presence in cyberspace.....and a mystery going back to King Arthur’s last battle at Camlann.
The Clark’s Tale has more twists than a schizophrenic corkscrew. The vibrant narrative moves between Biblical Judea, Roman Britain and the present day – driven by a style of writing that is dramatically arresting and darkly comic.
Described as “a thinking person’s page-turner”, this is a world of smoke and mirrors, coincidences and contradictions, illusions and delusions. It weaves seductively through the arcane and the mystical – but is finally resolved by a truth that is shockingly and grimly mundane.
Ultimately, it is a book about secrets – especially those we keep from ourselves.......

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