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The Adventures of the FancyCrazyHydrants: The Mission

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The world was bracing for the coming of the third millenium. The year was 2999. After a harrowing three major world wars in the early decades of the year 2000, the world has been living and enjoying peace at the turn of the century. The new laws governing the country pushed back the world into a simpler but modern life—the pre-year 2000 life. Advance computers and robotics that man used against each other were cut down and were banned forever.

Alas, the villains were getting restless again and the coming of the third millennium was an
opportunity to conquer the world and yet again, create pandemonium amongst the people.

But a smart thinking scientist foresaw the coming disaster well ahead of his time and made plans to suppress the villains. He created the FancyCrazyHydrants—a group of super fire hydrants that became alive in time for the coming of the third millennium. Headed by Hydra and Pluggo, they journeyed from the town of Muttley to the streets of Guerlin City and to the depths of the Mohegan River to seek and accomplish their mission.

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