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Borrowed Things

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Borrowed Things takes place in North Carolina, alternating between Durham and Pearl, a fictional town on the Lockwood Folly River. It traces a year in the separate yet symbiotic lives of five characters whose paths cross and sometimes connect.

Wishing to reinvent herself, Anne Gray sells her Durham home to Noah Levinson, who also negotiates for the temporary use of her things and their stories in the desperate hope they will infuse some of Anne’s spirit and resilience into his ailing wife, Elizabeth.
Anne finds a new home in the dying town of Pearl where she releases the memories of two failed marriages as she sails the waters of the Inner Coastal Canal with a haunted Latino priest and an elderly woman who rides a bicycle and wears No Fear t-shirts. Through Anne’s not-so-divine intervention, Father Paul and old Marjorie unveil their long held secrets, and come face to face with the embodiment of their abandoned hope.
At the same time, back in Durham, Noah and Elizabeth struggle with their marriage as they endure the myriad treatments for her cancer, finding diversion and an objective look at themselves as they read Anne’s stories.
Throughout, Anne and Noah exchange emails that eventually threaten the peace they both seek. Anne is finally forced to come to terms with her past and accept or reject the opportunity for a last and lasting love.

Borrowed Things honestly addresses issues about relationships and the struggle to bridge the gap between a conservative upbringing and a changing, sometimes permissive society while maintaining a sense of humor. Tia Bach, co-author of the award-winning Depression Cookies wrote about the manuscript, "Borrowed Things is Southern women's fiction at its best, capturing your heart within the first few pages. Anne Gray is a rare character, equal parts strength and compassion. Readers will identify with her struggles and lingering questions as they enjoy her exploits and journey toward friendship and love. But most of all, they will find themselves transported into a town rich in memorable characters, intriguing history, and many secrets."

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