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T'Whom It May Concern

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An abrupt career change resulting in a sudden uprooting from city dwelling to isolated farm life for his brooding, lonely wife Jenny bring on almost overwhelming challenges for Matt Nielsen. But when he lugs home an infant’s tombstone that he stumbles across in a long-lost family cemetery, the problems that haunt Matt make the ones he had seem trivial. Now his job, his home, the woman he dearly loves, and his own life threaten to collapse around him, yet he doesn’t comprehend who his tormentors are or what he’s done to arouse them.
Little did Matt realize that when he stole away the child’s tombstone along with it rose up the ghosts of the baby’s parents who demand revenge for the desecration of their infant’s final resting place. In exchange they must receive the life and soul of Jenny who has become sympathetic to the child’s untimely death particularly since she has remained childless.
Jenny contrives to retain the tombstone, identifying with it as her own while Matt struggles to rid her of it. Meanwhile the attacks from the ghostly parents mount in there fury, threatening to eliminate both Matt and Jenny.
Finally hopeless and in deep despair, Matt cries out that he would sacrifice everything to make the ghosts stop so that he could save Jenny who is on the brink of death. At this point Norris, Matt’s sole, elderly, bachelor employee intercedes. He recovers the tombstone from Jenny’s hiding place and directs the ghosts to precede him to their family plot. They guide him through a raging blizzard during which Norris suffers a critical heart attack. This is his last rescue. He must pass the task of protector on to a younger man, Matt, who keeps his beloved Jenny at the cost of his soul.

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