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The Thorndike Legacy

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Eydís Thorndike carries two secrets with her: the first, she can see glimpses into the future and read people’s thoughts, and the second secret is so horrible it could destroy what’s left of the human race—a sub-fleet has been created to kill the people left behind in the Old World.

In the year 2086, seventeen-year-old High Princess Eydís Elísabet Thorndike finds herself graduating from the Rangers Academy, despite the controversy it causes. Royalty usually joins one of the other fleets. It’s unheard of to have a high princess become a ranger.

Eydís feels a responsibility to the people left behind, because she knows Survivors are in more danger now than ever before, and because her mother, the High Queen, is one of the people behind the secret sub-fleet. Eydís will place the love of her mother in jeopardy, as she does all she can to protect the Survivors.

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