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Blood Types Diet: Food, Beverage and Supplemental Lists

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Blood Types Diet

Group blood or was the first type of blood to be identified, although as we know this is unknown - we are talking about our ancestors hunter-gatherers surrounding in 50,000 BC! However because our ancestors of type or survived and prospered on a high protein diet, based on the meat, which is the type of blood diet group that you should follow in the 21st century.
Followed the appearance of blood type A, around 15,000 BC! By this time, they finished the days of our ancestors hunters and instead began to settle in communities agricultural-type. The creation of blood type A around this time meant our ancestors did well on a vegetarian diet. that blood groups must now follow a vegetarian diet.
Blood B type supposedly evolved around 10,000 B.C. thanks to our nomadic ancestors. They left their farms and began wandering the Earth, constantly moving from one place to another. Consequently Group B blood today can go out with a varied diet consisting of most of the foods such as meat, dairy, grains and vegetables.
Finally, it’s came the blood type AB, which ran 1,000 years ago that this type of blood helped our ancestors make the transition to modernity which means that people with blood group AB can eat a mixture of foods suitable for blood group A and b blood group.

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