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Magnificent Pretense

154 pages2 hours


Having received a full baseball scholarship to college, Ryder Conrad is a few weeks shy of his high school graduation. As a condition of the scholarship, the eighteen year old jock must undergo a complete medical examination performed by Dr. Kirk Livingston. Not only is Dr. Livingston his family’s doctor, but the handsome, muscular doctor is also the best friend of Ryder’s father. Unbeknownst to everyone, Ryder, the young baseball jock, has been desperately in love with “Uncle Kirk” since the age of five. With a yearning to be submissive to the rugged and divorced physician, Ryder decides to turn up the heat on the good doctor and see if their already close relationship can become more intense. Will Ryder’s boyhood fantasies about Dr. Livingston finally come true or will the physical exam lead to the biggest scandal that the small town of Westport has ever seen?

This short novel is approximately 40,000 words. This work contains taboo themes, a doctor and jock medical examination, bondage, discipline, raunch, foot worship, a brief foray into water sports, dad/son role play, dominance, submission, sports gear/uniform fetish, provocative secrets and bareback graphic sex. All characters in this novella are eighteen years of age or older.

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