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Healthy Eating for Children

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The fact that the title of this book attracted your attention suggests that you are serious about giving your children the best start in life. If you’re interested in feeding your children with healthy food in order to promote their good health, as well as increase their resistance to the majority of chronic diseases that plague the Western world then join the club.

You are definitely one of a growing body of adults who are becoming seriously worried about the effects of junk food and environmental toxins upon our precious children. If you are determined to do something about it, then I sincerely hope that you are successful in your quest. I am also hopeful that this book will help to provide you with at least some of the tools that every parent needs in order to get their kids eating healthily.

This book will bridge the divide between the complex world of healthy eating known only by nutritionists, and the everyday average parent simply trying to teach his/her child. The following pages will give you an overview of what healthy eating is, how to do it, in layman’s terms, along with some simple steps and strategies that you can engage in to teach your child.

The pages of this book will help you with learning about healthy eating and will reveal the following:

• All About Nutrition
Healthy Diet Basics
About Sugar
About Salt
About Fat
Product Labels

• The Healthy Attitude
Food Intolerance and Allergy
Kids and the Healthy Attitude

• Healthy Eating for Life
Organic Food
The Importance of Educating Children

• Advanced Tips
About Super Plants
Miscellaneous Tips

• Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes
Cooked Meals

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