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To The Last Delicious Drop 2: Lassoed by Cowboys

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The White Circle Ranch has a secret: it transforms women into human cows and milks them! When Julie, a busy executive, went on vacation at the ranch, the cowboys dragged her out of bed, put her in a lactation machine, and milked her like a cow.

Left alone in the barn, Julie is unable to resist milking herself into a steel bucket and drinking her own delicious cream. Then, horrified by how much she enjoyed her own degradation, she flees the White Circle Ranch. But her lactating breasts soak her blouse and drive her wild. Will she escape the human cow ranch, or will the milk-thirsty cowboys lasso her and drag her back to the barn for a milking she’ll never forget?

6000 words of rope bondage and hog-tying, reluctant milking, milking sex, detailed descriptions of a woman’s milk-swollen breasts being suckled by rough cowboys, human cow fantasy, humiliation and submission, milking and driving, female submissive BDSM sex, and delicious warm milk gushing and flowing from a woman’s huge, sensitive lactating breasts.

All characters are 18 or over. Read an excerpt from this milking sex story below:

“The cow went that-a-way!”

Tex’s deep male voice was followed by a chorus of whoops and hollers.

The cowboys had found me!

“Get the cow!” A cowboy yelled.

“Catch the cow!” shouted another.

I could hear the tramp of booted feet, plus a strange whistling noise that I didn’t recognize.

Terrified, I scrambled out of the car and began to run. I stumbled down the dirt road, followed by the laughter and yells of the cowboys.

My wet skirt clung to my legs, making it hard to run. My swollen breasts bounced beneath my milk-drenched blouse, trapped by wet silk, sending distracting jolts of pleasure and pain through my body. The stimulation made even more milk leak out.

I glanced backward. To my horror, the cowboys were closing in on me. They were all dressed in blue jeans, leather chaps, and boots, and were whirling rope lassoes above their heads. Tex and Chet headed the pack.

“Lasso her, lasso her!” A cowboy shouted.

“Bring her back to be milked!” whooped another cowboy.

“Ten bucks says I lasso her first,” drawled Tex.

Chet turned on Tex, his rugged, handsome face showing a hint of possessiveness. “The milk cow’s mine. I’ll lasso her!”

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