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The Sexy Hitchhiker

151 pages2 hours


Linda makes some very bad decisions in her life, like getting caught twice being shagged doggy fashion for example. One thing leads to another and jobless and homeless she hits the road, looking for work and a new life but being short of funds she has to do whatever she has to for survival and if that means using her body then so be it. Just when she thinks she must take a backward step and return to her old life fate intervenes in the form of Diego a handsome Spanish lorry driver headed to his home in Andalucía after a trip to Scotland. After some sexy fun and games during the trip to the Costa del Sol Linda is left high and dry in the heat of a Spanish summer, what is our girl to do next?
This story contains scenes of explicit sexual activity and language to match, do not view or buy this ebook if its contents would offend you. This ebook is for adults only.

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