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Stranger Face: Book 3 Faces Series

292 pages4 hours


Tracy Wiley never expected or wanted more adventure. Solving problems for wealthy Miami clients by day, she relishes her peaceful, well-ordered life by night. Then old friend Kevin Fox, the C.I.A. agent once assigned to protect her, arrives at her door under unusual circumstances and wants to hire her to help him with his current assignment. Although she would like to refuse, he seems desperate and she feels she owes him for saving her life more than once. Together they embark on a road trip to Chicago so Fox can learn who instigated an international incident and then tried to kill him. He suspects someone in the intelligence community and wants Tracy along to keep anyone paying attention off balance. With no more explanation than that, Tracy plunges blindly into a surreal world of sleazy bars inhabited by some of the strangest people she's ever seen. But when the trip ends in a murder, she finds herself stuck in the middle between Fox, the police, and shadowy players who would prefer she be silenced. If she can first figure out what secret everyone wants to keep, Tracy will have to choose between protecting herself or protecting a friend while knowing either or both of them could wind up dead.

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