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A Fool's Diary

342 pages4 hours


A hilarious romp through a year of expat living in Pattaya, Thailand.

Imagine leaving the comfort zone of your home, family and friends to venture into the unknown. Imagine discovering an alien paradise only to realize that here, you are the alien who has to try to fit into your new environment. Imagine stumbling through a year of discovery among a tapestry of blunders and imagine that, all the while, you don't have a clue what you are doing.

That takes a lot of imagination!

... but not for The Fool.

By the author of the best selling Money Number One, this book is the third in a trilogy of titles following "The Fool in Paradise" theme. In this instance, "Paradise" refers to the Kingdom of Thailand and "The Fool", of course, is the author. The first in the series, A Fool in Paradise, was published in November 2003. It is a collection of 39 short stories about life in Thailand with particular attention to the entertainment scene in Pattaya. The second, A Fool is Back, came out in December 2004 and contained a further 32 stories along a similar vein, concentrating on fun and humour. Finally, after many delays due primarily to the bone laziness of the author, A Fool's Diary is born. More than a collection of tales, it chronicles a year in the life of a simple man; sometimes insightful, sometimes philosophical, but always with a dry wit that takes no prisoners.

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