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Recipes for Corn

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Recipes for Corn contains a selection of tasty corn based dishes that you can prepare. Taste the special back to nature feel that corn gives to food. Corn is an important part of our history and way of life. Corn has been with us from the beginning and is an important part of our culture. The recipes here are a selection of popular corn based dishes that you can enjoy over and over again.

Native Americans were the original source of the grain. We also got lots of the recipes from them that we continue to use today. Since then corn has been added to cuisine from the rest of the world to make a whole series of unique recipes. In the South of the US corn was a staple food for the people who lived there. This came about because corn was cheaper than the wheat grain usually used. Corn has a really wholesome basis.

The aromas and flavors produced when cooking with corn are different to when using wheat. You really need to get this book and savor a part of your culture and heritage. Learn how to cook tasty corn breads, smouldering muffins, creamy chowders and the best corn on the cob that you have ever tasted.

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