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Bobby Bright is a man of simple tastes. He loves the Philadelphia Eagles, scrapple sandwiches, and his stay-at-home girlfriend, Snooze. But most of all, Bobby loves his hometown, Fishtown, a forgotten community in a crumbling corner of Philadelphia.

But when a mysterious artist moves into the abandoned church on his street, Bobby’s world begins to change in ways he never imagined. Hipster bars appear in boarded-up store fronts. Sleek condominiums crop up in vacant lots. Suddenly, Bobby is displaced: a stranger in a place that he has known his whole life. But as a wave of gentrification washes over Bobby’s neighborhood, it also dredges up old secrets, uncovering a buried violence that has lain hidden, slumbering beneath the streets for 20 years.

Complete at 68,000 words, "Fishtown" is a quirky fable about love, jealousy, identity, and the changing face of America, when the blue collar meets the glitterati and the past is dragged into the present, kicking and screaming.

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