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Warm and Wet: Gay Diaper Bundle

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All these boys want is warm, wet relief! Warm and Wet contains three previously-published gay diaper stories by Sofia Bane: Diaper Punishment by my Professor, Posh Piss Boy, and Intern’s Diaper Discipline. This 16,000 word erotica short story collection has been bundled and discounted for your pleasure! Warning: contains gay watersports, diapers, humiliation, desperation, accidental and deliberate wetting, golden showers, urophagia, bondage, and power play; adults only!

Excerpt from Intern’s Diaper Discipline:

I had no choice but to pick up the bag before me, peer inside, and discover... diapers. My god.

Mr. Mercer told me, “You’ll be more productive, optimizing your break time. You’ll never miss an important phone call again,” he said with a wry smile.

I finally regained my voice. “No,” I said flatly. “That is insane, really – ”

“I own you,” he snapped. “I’m paying dearly for every minute of your time – don’t I have the right to dictate how it’s spent? Say, not wasting our time in the bathroom?”

He was wrong, he had to be wrong. But god, this job was already breaking me down quickly, that I considered his words. “And if I don’t?” I ventured.

“Then I can’t keep you, of course.”

I had known the turnover rate for Mr. Mercer’s assistants was high, and thought it was just because of his normal demands. But.... “Have you made your other employees wear them too?” I challenged.

Another flash of his dangerous smile. “Trust me, boy, you would be far from the first.”

And you know what? After a long pause, I fucking nodded my consent. It was a good job, after all. And I was even a little too... intrigued by these diapers to completely write it off anything. “Um, I’ll change in the restroom.”

“Nonsense.” He took the bag out of my hands. “Get up on the desk and lie back.”

Mr. Mercer’s hands were on me before I knew it, coaxing me up and right where he wanted me. This was unreal, but the way his attention made my breath hitch in my chest was more than a little erotic. He was taking charge of me, and as humiliating as this all was, I didn’t want it to stop.

Mr. Mercer undid my belt impatiently, shoving my trousers down my hips. At this, though, I balked. “Sir,” I whined, catching the top of my pants to futilely hold them up. “May I please do this in the bathroom?”

“No.” He ripped open the bag of diapers and extracted one. “Now take off your fucking pants.”

God. Squeezing my eyes shut, I pushed my pants and boxers down off my hips, exposing my cock to my boss. And while I’d braced myself for some hot and excruciating comment from him, he remained silent as he hoisted my legs and slid the diaper under me.

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