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New Beyond the Sky

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If you were embarking on a journey and knew of a person that had traveled the same territory and documented essential information, important insights, effective processes, unusual occurrences, and amusing and amazing stories, you'd want to see her notes. This book, a companion to "New Beyond It All (Insights on Transformation" is the creation of an "explorer in awareness" who records her insights and adventures for the enlightenment of others.

This collection of dozens of articles and essays was created to share useful information in an entertaining fashion. Some chapters include step-by-step processes to apply the ideas the author has had success with. The experiences she describes illustrate a broad range of concepts that are conveyed in an accessible and engaging manner. Delving into this book opens you to an array of possibilities: magic, mysteries, and practical wisdom.

The essays in this book include: The Five Most Powerful Words, Six Impossible Things, The Power of Sheer Determination, "Truisms" That Are Not True, Gifts in Camouflage, Simple Secrets of Rapid Healing, Everyday Magic, Let Them Eat Cake, Accessing the State, and Do It Anyway.

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