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Programed For Murder

351 pages5 hours


A PI ready to sail off into the sunset.
A brilliant scientist murdered. Can his experiment live on?
Even your closest friends have secrets.

A young scientist, with several different names, has figured out how to use DNA to create true artificial intelligence. Then he's found dead and the only record of his process is missing.

Former cop and private detective, Tommy Case, wants nothing more out of life than to sail off into the sunset on his sailboat, NOMORR. But a visit from Jessie, his ex-secretary, drastically changes his plans. She asks him to look into a brilliant scientist's death. Reluctantly, he agrees to take on "one last case."

Through friends among the Orange County, California technology super rich, Tommy, with the help of his ex-prostitute girlfriend, discovers what killed Childs. Again, reluctantly, Tommy continues to search for the who, but it all turns personal when his boat is blown up with Jessie inside. The suspect list grows as the investigation intensifies and Tommy finds that like regular people, the very rich have their secrets and that even his best friends may not be what they seem.

A second attempt on his life and a wild car chase down the Freeway and up into the mountains closes the investigation, leaving only one question for Tommy – What will he do now that his boat is destroyed?

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