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Misty's Hot Ride

51 pages53 minutes


While on a vacation with her boyfriend, Misty is stranded by the side of the road after a fight with her boyfriend with nothing but the clothes on her back. She's miles away from home, completely alone, and abandoned. With no other choice she starts to walk hoping someone will stop and help her out. However, the cars that pass her by don't even slow down. Then just when she thinks she can't go any further, a van stops and the four men inside are more than willing to give her a ride. They even offer to give her some money to help her on her way, for a price. Is she willing to pay the price for their help and for their money? What ensues turns out to be the most erotic and pleasurable ride in Misty's life.

Misty's Hot Ride is a 14,901 word short story for adults only and contains explicit sexual content.

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