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The Hoodsman: The Second Invasion

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The twelfth book in this series.

In the early 1080’s all of the English, including Raynar, are lulled into a false sense of security by the peace and fat times of the anarchy caused by a power vacuum. False because when the Norman duke of southern Italy unexpectedly dies in 1085, warriors return to Normandy and King William uses them to invade England for the second time.

The largest army that William has ever raised sweeps across England like the Black Death. Raynar sets out to hunt Norman nobility with a wolfpack of men who have nothing left to loose.

* * * * *

King Henry’s invasion of Normandy in 1105 fails because of the treachery of French knights. In 1106 he launches a second invasion, this time using English infantry, including bowmen recruited by Raynar.

* * * * *

About The Author

Skye Smith is my pen name. My ancestors were miners and shepherds near Castleton in the Peaks District of Derbyshire. I have been told by some readers that this series reminds them of Bernard Cornwell’s historical novels, and have always been delighted by the comparison.

This is the twelfth of my Hoodsman series of books, and the last book set in the era of the Conqueror. Please read the first book, “Killing Kings” before you read this book. All of the books contain two timelines linked by characters and places. The “current” story is set in the era of King Henry I in the 1100’s, while the longer “flashback” story is set in the era of King William I after 1066.

I have self-published twelve "The Hoodsman ..." books and they are:
1. Killing Kings
2. Hunting Kings
3. Frisians of the Fens
4. Saving Princesses
5. Blackstone Edge
6. Ely Wakes
7. Courtesans and Exiles
8. The Revolt of the Earls
9. Forest Law
10. Queens and Widows
11. Popes and Emperors
12. The Second Invasion

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