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Elegy Of An Unusual Peak

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Zen, feeling a calling towards poetry and art, meets Anna, the educator and poet, who encourages his writing. He has an inkling that he had met her a long time ago as a young woman, but he is not sure. A summer-love? Anna laughs. During their regular contact and a growing attraction to each other, they fall in love . While Zen enjoys Anna in a rising inner burn of lust, he senses the shadow of doom to hang above their heads, pushing it aside obsessed to possess Anna physically. During a trip to Athens, he is encapsulated in the intimate surroundings of Anna's world or art and seducing her with great passion will enflame her and Zen finds himself seduced by a powerful Anna, who tells him that he is the father of her daughter. Anna, he met 17 years back, his memory did not deceive him, but why did she not tell him? Anna, lover of drama, hetaerae, concubine and sweet woman, who has moments of a vision of her untimely death, he ignores her blues floating on sheer sensual happiness. As he meets Nefeli the younger girlfriend of Anna, they become a triangle of love. The fortunes of this love have brought the sweethearts to a Byzantine chapel, where Anna wishes Nefeli to marry Zen in a secret ceremony. Zen is in love with both women, but only Nefeli, who wants his child carries the key to his future existence.

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