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Jenna's Hairbrush Spanking (Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage #3)

20 pages15 minutes


When Michael tells Jenna he’s going to spank her on her birthday, she panics. Until now, he’s only given her punishment and reminder spankings, and those hurt. So she lies. She tells her husband she’s not feeling well in hopes of escaping her birthday spanking. This turns out to be a big mistake. He unbuttons the drop seat of her footie pajamas and takes her temperature . . . the old-fashioned way! Then he announces she’s getting a hard, over the knee, bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush. Will this disobedient wife learn her lesson?

Note: This short story is adult in nature. It contains the spanking of adult women, anal punishment – including old-fashioned temperature takings, mild erotic content, and themes of Christian Domestic Discipline. Please do not buy this book if such material offends you. For mature readers 18+ only.

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