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Rising Sidhe

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A secret message from someone called "Breaker of Chains" has thrust Morgan back into the human world. Most Sidhe believed that The Chain of Constance—a fundamentalist faction of Ban Sidhe—was dissolved centuries ago. But for Morgan, their existence is far from over. Between the Chain's three-spiraled talisman left at her mother's last known location and a cryptic note from someone wanting to destroy the occult group, Morgan knows the Chain must be alive and well. But as she searches for answers about the mysterious note and her father's disappearance, she is unsure of who to trust. In attempt to keep her friends close and her enemies closer, Morgan begins her final journey with the help of her kelpie friend, Hector, and her faultfinding sister, Branna. As she searches through secret tunnels and a haunted penitentiary, Morgan hopes to find answers. More importantly, will Morgan help break the Chain of Constance or will the Chain of Constance break her?
Join Morgan and Hector as they set off on the final journey of the Keening Trilogy. Find books 1 (Sidhe's Call) and 2 (Hidden Sidhe) at a book distributor near you.

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