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Earth United

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At the age of 12, Jake Saunders witnesses the death of his uncle at the hands of Romalor Leximer, the brutal leader of another planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Jake spends the next 8 years of his life preparing to seek revenge against Romalor and to bring to justice those on Earth responsible for his uncle’s death. However, as Jake gets closer to the truth, he finds that the conspiracy runs deeper than he expected, and those involved will stop at nothing to silence him. And Jake’s quest for revenge and justice could cost him the one person he truly loves, Diane Danielson. As the government’s perfect scapegoat, Jake becomes caught in the middle of the conspiracy and a galactic threat that could destroy the planet Earth. Jake must evade capture by Earth’s government and, at the same time, fight not only to save Diane, but also to save Earth.

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