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Zalman King's Pleasure Or Pain

330 pages5 hours


Victoria is a beautiful, young women just beginning to succeed in L.A. as a jewelry designer. One day, she meets Jack, a handsome and enormously rich entrepreneur, and her life changes forever.

He courts her with a combination of charm and adventure that she finds irresistible. Everything is better and more intense than she has ever experienced before – the romance, the sex, everything.

She wants to know everything about him. His previous lovers, the best sex he has ever experienced, his family, his childhood, everything. And as the seduction intensifies, she begins to give herself over to him more and more until she is completely in his control. But make no mistake - she is a willing co-conspirator.

He pushes her to be more and more daring in their sexual adventures and she rises to every challenge. When he is away on frequent business trips, he leaves her with Isabel, his go-to everything girl. At Jack’s instruction, Isabel pushes the erotic envelope even further, introducing Victoria to a world of romantic and sexual adventure that she never dreamed she would ever participate in.

Finally, it becomes too much for Victoria and she tries to leave him. But he won’t let her go. He can’t bear to let her go. And that begins a dark, downward spiral that almost costs Victoria her sanity and her life. She is able to escape by the skin of her teeth and then decides to tell her story as a kind of cautionary tale to other women who have also faced or will face the same kind of thrilling and dangerous total sexual possession.

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