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Blood of Isis: Family Bonds

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It was meant to be a relaxing, quiet week at an old country inn. Gavin Stowe hated the very idea of his best friend, Jaxson's, dream vacation. The only thing that interested him was Isis...

“We could have gone to Vegas.”

“And lost all our money in casinos and then probably wind up married to some toothless strippers with a fat Elvis conducting the ceremony. That sounds like a beautiful vacation, Gavin. Now shut the hell up and- Hello.” Jaxson stopped abruptly, staring up at the porch.

Gavin damn near walked into his friend, cursing under his breath and came to a halt as well. Frowning, he looked up to see who had gotten Jaxson’s attention. He’d have been lying if he didn’t admit to assuming there would be a little old lady in a stained apron and flour all over her face standing there.

Damn he was wrong, happily so. Apparently, there would be company of the female persuasion this week.

“Hey there boys,” greeted a young woman with an overabundance of curly black hair; her narrowed, pale green eyes focusing on them intently. “Stowe and Barr?”

“That’d be us.” Gavin drawled, stepping around Jaxson; hoisting his bag up onto his shoulder; his biceps flexing with each move.

She obviously wasn’t impressed with the muscular physique, or awed by the fact that he and Jaxson were both standing close to the seven foot mark. In fact, she looked rather bored as she descended the porch steps; holding out her hands. “I’ll take your bags, gents.”

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